Beginner’s Guide to Playing and Winning

Craps may look intimidating to newcomers, but this popular dice game offers some of the best odds in the casino. With a few key strategies, beginners can minimize the house edge and maximize their chances of winning. This guide will teach you craps basics, betting options, odds calculations, and pro tips to improve your game at GoodmanCasino. Let’s roll!

Table Layout and Rules

The craps table features a layout with various betting areas and two dice that are rolled across it. The shooter (player rolling the dice) must hit point numbers based on the rules:

  • Pass Line Bet – You win if the first roll (come out roll) is 7 or 11. Lose on 2, 3, or 12. Any other number becomes your “point” – you win if you “make your point” by hitting that number again before a 7.
  • Don’t Pass Bet – This is the opposite bet with reverse rules for the above points. You lose by making your point and win by rolling a 7 first.
  • Come/Don’t Come – Essentially the same rules, except these bets come after the initial come-out roll.
  • Odds Bets – Allow you to put additional money behind original Pass/Come bets. These have zero house edge but win based on those original bets.

It may seem complicated, but just remember; 7s and 11s are always winners on Come Out rolls, and you mostly want to make points and avoid 7s.

Placing Smart Bets

While beginner excitement leads to widespread betting, craps rewards discipline. Consider the following:

Stick with Simple Bets

Pass the line with max odds, come with max odds, and place 6 or 8 bets to offer low house edges. Avoid complicated bets like Big 6/8, Hard 4/10, the middle of the felt with ties to cards, etc.

Manage Your Bankroll

Have betting stops, such as stopping after losing 3 Come bets in a row. Bring enough to last long sessions, and resist pressure to chase losses. Spread risk across various possible outcomes instead of playing “all-in” on one specific event.

h3. Take Odds with Every Chance

This includes Come/Don’t Come and Place Bets. The odds are taking no profit for the house, making them good bets.

Odds and Probabilities

While hot dice can seem to randomly determine everything, math offers the real picture on risks and possibilities.

BetHouse Edge
Pass Line Bet1.41%
Don’t Pass Bet1.36%
Pass Line Odds0%
Come Bet1.41%
Don’t Come Bet1.40%
6 or 8 Place Bets1.52%

Some key stats:

  • 6 or 8 Places have just over 16% house edge on one-roll bets, but only 1.52% on long-term outcomes.
  • A Pass Line with 5X Odds Bet brings the house edge all the way down to .374%
  • The more odds you take, the lower the house edge goes. 0% is achievable.

While 7s show up frequently to disrupt points, the math shows craps beats slots, roulette, and more when played properly.

Becoming a Knowledgeable Shooter

Proper thrower etiquette and techniques improve results and enjoyment. Follow these tips:

  • Wait your turn in the rotation to be the shooter
  • Grip dice gently between fingers, shake briefly, and try to hit the back wall evenly
  • Let the dice come to rest before calling out
  • Be respectful by allowing casino personnel to manage and officiate gameplay
  • Announce “Coming Out” when first shooting or after 7s
  • Use place bets to take advantage of hot rolls where points repeat
  • Avoid superstition around things like changing dice, proper grip, etc. Stick with fundamentals

Playing Online Craps

While traditional craps provide irreplaceable live energy, online free slot machines offer convenience and other perks:

  • Play comfortably from your home anytime
  • Take advantage of signup bonuses and special offers
  • Use software tools to learn game specifics
  • Avoid crowds and COVID-19 risks
  • Compare different interfaces to find one that fits your preferences

Legitimate, regulated sites bring the authentic game straight to your screen with digital adaptations. You can learn for free with play money or enjoy real stakes on secure banking platforms. Just be sure to use reputable brands for safety and fair odds.

Bringing It All Together

Like any hobby, craps rewards knowledge, discipline, and perseverance. Start by learning basic plays, managing bankrolls wisely, and leveraging odds before adopting unique strategies. Stick to the fundamentals, practice online, and don’t be afraid to ask seasoned players or dealers for advice at live tables. Over time, craps can become an entertaining way to combine luck and skill for major rewards.

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