Pelee Island – Nature’s Organic Solution to Social Distancing

An island may not be known for its nightlife and excitement, but if you prefer birds (it is designated as a Globally Important Bird Area), beaches, vineyards and peaceful forest trails, this might just be the place for you!

Lake Erie’s moderating effect makes Pelee an ideal place for growing wine grapes – visit one of its vineyards for an informative tour and tasting!


Binoculars are essential tools for bird spotting on an island. Spring and fall migrations bring with them stunning displays of warblers, monarch butterflies and raptors; don’t forget your binoculars and identification book!

Pelee Island

Binoculars can be simplified down to their core: two identical terrestrial telescope lenses linked together so that their optical axes meet at the point where they enter an observer’s eyes, so their images assemble themselves into a three-dimensional view in their brains.

Entry-level binoculars are an economical and accessible gift option for kids, without needing to be of exceptional quality or feature nano-coating. A rugged build will protect against inevitable drops and scuffs during use, and donate any used binoculars or spotting scopes you no longer use to the Graeme Gibson Prismaticos* Project; it distributes donated birding optics to classrooms and field workers in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico where many species that breed or migrate through Pelee Island during winter migration or wintering grounds like San Miguel de Allende where many birds winter over in wintering grounds PIBO-sponsored program Graeme Gibson Prismaticos* Project;


Pelee Island makes getting there part of the fun; taking the scenic ferry ride will transport you into another country! Reservations are strongly advised during summer season and can be made on their website. Bring along any vehicle, bicycle, or walk and just remember to allow enough time to catch their last ferry back!

Renting a bicycle is an excellent way to explore Pelee Island and even E-Bikes are available for rental. A trip around the main part can take an hour but longer tours will include stops. Cyclists tend to work up an appetite while cycling holidays; East Park Campground, Pelee Island Winery Pavilion and Conorlee’s Bakery and Deli Hut are close by offering light snacks or full lunch service as options nearby.

Bird Watching

Pelee Island covers an area of 4,000 acres that include wetlands, cedar savannahs, swamp forests and overgrown fields. As Canada’s southernmost point and home to two major bird migration routes, Pelee Island serves as an internationally significant bird area where you can witness annual spring migration events like Springsong Weekend.

At this time, you’ll spot over 340 species of songbirds – nearly half the birds that migrate annually through here! Additionally, you might spot rarer species like Mississippi kite or Iceland gull; plus vineyards, beaches and quiet forest trails await exploration on the Island where NCC lands are responsible for safeguarding approximately 50% of total land area on it.

Historic Sites

Pelee Island provides tranquility as well as new sights and sounds for everyone looking for peace and quiet or new sights and sounds to experience. Considered nature’s organic solution for social distancing, unplug from technology and let your senses guide your experience!

Discover the rich history of Pelee Island at the Pelee Island Heritage Centre. The museum showcases everything from Devonian Palaeontology to prohibition era rum running of Middle Island.

Pelee Island Charters offer tours around the Island with unobstructed views of Fish Point Provincial Nature Reserve’s lighthouse or through Stone Road’s wooded limestone alvars – tours run daily, weather dependent.

Waterfront Trail

The Island offers so much, yet at the same time offers the perfect place for relaxation and rejuvenation. Enjoy biking leisurely through its streets or just unwind with some coffee and reading or some ice cream – there is something here for everyone.

The Waterfront Trail has emerged as an impressive feat, connecting Leamington and Kingsville with Pelee Island, Fish Point Provincial Nature Reserve and other Ontario parks along its 28 km route spanning Lake Erie’s shoreline, farmland and vineyards as well as natural areas.

Cyclists must plan ahead for fueling. The Winery Pavilion offers snacks and wine; alternatively visit Kingsville bakery Sweet Retreat Ice Cream shop etc for sustenance.

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