5 Good Practices of a Skilled Gambler: Check If You Use Them All

Of course, whether you win or not in a casino game depends on luck in the first place. But there are, meanwhile, some tricks and practices that help to make the overall experience a bit more satisfying.

Trick #1: Complete KYC Procedures As Fast As Possible

Many players don’t like and even fear Know Your Customer procedures. Nevertheless, these are essential. The casino must verify your identity to ensure compliance with legal regulations. Your benefit, here, is that if a casino is compliant with all regulations, it’s just safer to play there. In more practical terms, you must complete these checks promptly because otherwise, your payment request won’t be processed.

The wisest thing to do is thus to provide your documentation as early as possible. At Lucky Wins, for example, you are welcome to do so right after registration. That is, to ensure that your account is fully operational and that you can withdraw winnings without any hold-ups, you provide

  • ID verification
  • payment method info
  • address.

That’s the common requirement set you find in most legitimate online casinos.

Trick #2 Calculate the Value of a Bonus Based on Wagering Requirements

Sites like Netti kasinot 360 are full of promotions and promo codes. Bonuses look tempting because they are perceived as free money. As a result, the bigger the bonus, the more valuable it seems to be. But it works a little bit differently in practice. The real value is usually determined by the related terms (i.e., the wagering requirements). 

To calculate the value of a bonus, you need to find out how many times it must be wagered. For instance, a $100 bonus with a 30x wagering requirement means you must wager $3,000. And if the requirement for the same bonus is 50x, well, the wagered sum will be $5,000. Quite a difference, in fact.

Trick # 3: Accept the Chance-Based Nature of Casino Games

On the one hand, it seems to be obvious that most casino games are based purely on chance. On the other hand, many players can’t accept this and, instead, fall trap of common myths. For example, they may believe that certain patterns predict future outcomes or that playing at a certain time means better chances of winning. This is never so.

When you accept that casino games have a random nature, it is… liberating. You can focus entirely on enjoying things and having fun. In other words, you can finally relax instead of thinking about what else you could do to get more wins.

Trick #4: Use the Free Demo of a Game to Which You Are New

If you are playing a new game with real money and you don’t very well understand its mechanics or features, this can bring certain discomfort. You may feel like you could have won if you were better familiar with how it works. So it really makes sense to use demos first in such cases.

Besides, free demo modes let you experiment with different betting strategies. Of course, not all games are available in this mode. For example, you can use it with live dealer games. But most games are available and that’s a good chance for you to practice.

Trick #5: Subscribe to Newsletters or Review Sites

Just like with KYC policies, many gamblers try to stay away from casinos’ newsletters. That’s understandable but sometimes, subscribing to them can be beneficial for you. Most importantly, such newsletters can be a source of the latest casino promotions, bonus codes, or exclusive offers.

If you still don’t want to subscribe to a casino’s newsletter, you can follow it on social media. Or, as an alternative, you can visit review sites like ORDB. They too have cool promotions from time to time.


These five practices are nothing revolutionary but they do work and make your experience more enjoyable. Their beauty is that they are very easy to adopt. They are just little tricks that require minimum effort on your part but return a lot.

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