Gambling in mobile applications

After the advent of the Internet, many people began to enjoy a large number of online casinos. The wide capabilities of smartphones and high Internet speeds are forcing organizers of gambling entertainment to increasingly think about developing applications. This will allow participants to have constant access to the online casino through an application installed on their phones. The installation of the application for the player usually takes a couple of minutes. This article was written with the support of Red Dog Casino, who are also thinking about developing their application.

Application Features and Properties

Players who install the application on their phones have access to the entire list of gambling games. The functionality of the application is not inferior to the capabilities available to players on the site. Installing the application is completely free, and often the player is additionally provided with special offers. Motivating the player to stay longer in the application and be more active in games.

Characteristic properties of applications:

  • Difference by type;
  • downloading and installing the application;
  • adaptive design;
  • synchronization with the server.

The difference between the applications lies in the development of software that can simultaneously work with different operating systems. Different versions of the application are being developed that are compatible with Android and iOS systems. The development of such complex software ensures the smooth operation of the application on different smartphones. Implementing such software will reduce the number of operational failures and shorten the adaptation time.

Types of games for which the application is effective

All regions require different methods and approaches to market management. Each segment has its distinctive preferences for types of services. All regions require exciting leisure activities. To understand the needs of the market, analysts obtain statistical data and conduct a detailed analysis of the target audience.

Organizations such as Play Fortuna and Bui are located all over the world. Based on the analysis of their audience, regions with high economic profitability for gambling can be noted. In the mobile segment of the market, the leaders in spending on gambling are:

  • EU countries – 54%;
  • Asian countries – 32%;
  • USA – 8%;
  • Islands of Oceania – 5%;
  • Latin America – 1%;
  • African countries – 1%.

High profits from gambling exist in those countries where people receive high wages. In some EU countries, the demand for gambling is very low, these include Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia. Thanks to low demand, it is now possible to enter their segment at a low cost.

Countries where applications are more in demand


In Australia, 8 out of 10 people are addicted to gambling. On average, each player spends about $1,300 per month on games. The most popular types of games are bets and slot machines.

Australian laws allow gambling industry administrators to install slot machines and terminals throughout the city – from grocery stores to gas stations.


All casinos owned by local operators are banned in the country. Only international organizations that operate under an offshore jurisdiction program are permitted. Only in this form can German players have fun with gambling.

On average, gambling enthusiasts spend up to $900. The most popular types of leisure in the field of gambling entertainment are slot gaming terminals. More than 50% of casino users are in the age category from 18 to 35 years. According to official statistics, people in Germany spend at least €70 million on the gambling industry per year. About €17 million in revenue comes from online platforms.


There is almost no legislative regulation of the aviator online game industry in the Internet segment. Regulations regulating gambling were adopted in 1956. As a result, the laws are outdated and do not affect the online segment.

The hobby of gambling is quite common as a way of relaxation and entertainment. The most popular games in Ireland are gaming terminals and betting. The annual revenue of the online sector is about $3 billion. The users are approximately 25 to 34 years old, often men. The average amount of money players spend per month on gambling is $600.


In Canada, every seventh person is addicted to gambling. Regular players usually spend $570 per month at the casino. Common types of gambling entertainment: lottery, Internet platform and betting.

The Canadian government has a positive attitude towards the gambling industry. According to the results of an analysis of local servers, about 35% of players think that by winning the lottery they will be able to ensure a comfortable old age. Sports betting in Canada is in 2nd place in popularity, with winter sports being the most popular.

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