Kelleys Island, Ohio – A Nature Lovers Paradise

Kelleys Island is an idyllic village on Lake Erie that is packed with activities. Kelleys is one of the premier spots for families looking for a fun yet relaxing vacation, not unlike Put-in-Bay but instead more focused around outdoor recreation with charming small-town charm.

Kelleys Island

There may not be many big name hotels or restaurants here, but that makes it all the more exciting! You will discover local mom-and-pop shops offering delicious food, refreshing beverages, and unique souvenirs – our favorites being Doc’s Restaurant and West Bay Bar & Grill; both are known for their spectacular perches with live music performances; also make sure you stop by Village Pump to take home one of their award winning pickles as a memorable souvenir!

If you are feeling adventurous, there is also a golf course on the island! We suggest renting a golf cart in order to help navigate its winding roads and explore it further. In addition, there are numerous public beaches where visitors can swim or just relax on the sand – the locals are friendly and welcoming so it’s hard not to fall in love with this spot!

Kelleys Island features miles of hiking trails that will lead you through wetlands, forests and along its beaches. There are also several marinas on Kelleys that offer boat or fishing charter rentals for daily fishing trips or charter fishing adventures – these will allow you to see some of its most iconic attractions such as Glacial Grooves or Inscription Rock!

Island life also boasts many historic buildings, and self-guided walking tours provide the ideal way to see their beauty while discovering some of its history.

Summer on the island is filled with life and activities to enjoy. While catching a ferry from Marblehead Peninsula or Sandusky can get you here quickly, driving directly down to the ferry dock when arriving will get you across Lake Erie more efficiently.

One of the most beloved activities on the island is kayaking. Lake Erie provides ideal conditions for paddling around this tranquil, picturesque waterway and taking in views of its breathtaking shoreline. Kayak to one or more old wineries for an added scenic journey–but be careful not to trespass!

There’s so much more to do on the island; these activities are only scratching the surface! Spend several days exploring, coming back time after time. The negative ions from Lake Chabot will have you feeling relaxed and content while welcoming islanders will keep you coming back for more!

Once you visit Kelleys Island, we guarantee it will be hard to leave! So don’t wait – plan a vacation now!

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