We’ve Found 25 Safe Betting Sites So You Don’t Have To

Finding safe betting sites can be a challenge, especially if you do not know what you should be looking out for. There are so many factors to consider, and without a keen and experienced eye, you may end up putting yourself at risk. This is why it is generally not recommended to just play at any sportsbook you come across¾it’s best to stick to the tried and true if you are inexperienced.

But what sites are tried and tested? Well, we are going to give you 25 excellent options in this article. Let’s dive right into it and take a look at 25 safe betting sites.

Most-trusted Betting Sites 2024

To just get straight to the meat and bones of this article, here is a list of safe betting sites in 2024

  • talkSPORT BET
  • Planet Sport Bet
  • Copybet
  • Betfred
  • SBK
  • Sky Bet
  • Paddy Power
  • Midnite
  • bet365
  • LiveScore Bet
  • BetMGM
  • BetVictor
  • BoyleSports
  • AK Bets
  • Betfair
  • Jeffbet
  • Betgoodwin
  • Betway
  • Betzone
  • Coral
  • Ladbrokes
  • Luckster
  • Sporting Index
  • Star Sports
  • Spreadex

With this many options, you are going to be spoilt for choice. Each and every one of these sportsbooks is safe, reliable, and trusted, having been mainstays in the industry for years. They are also just quality establishments in general¾you are going to have a great experience no matter which you choose to go with.

Feel free to try a few of them if you find that the first couple you try don’t fit your personal tastes. Each sportsbook is different, and you shouldn’t settle until you find a sportsbook you feel completely comfortable with.

How We Rank Safe Betting Apps

So, how did we rank these betting apps and sportsbooks? Well, buckle up because we are going to give you a glimpse into the arduous process that is involved when rating betting sites.

First, there’s safety and security. This is the most important feature, and any sportsbook that seems unsafe is never going to be worth your time. In general, it’s best to stick with sportsbooks that are well-known and have a good reputation, like all of our listed sportsbooks. This cuts down on the guesswork and can let you know that you are most likely going to be safe while playing.

However, on top of reputation, we also looked for licences, security protocols, and past vulnerabilities. If a sportsbook managed to pass all of the aforementioned security checks, they fulfilled the first requirement.

Next, we check performance. You shouldn’t have to have one of the best gaming PCs to place bets at a sportsbook. In fact, if a sportsbook does its job correctly, you should be able to play on practically anything. To test this, we navigated through each site briefly to get a feel for its speed and placed a few dummy wagers.

Another important aspect of a casino is the design. This includes its theme (which is mostly subjective but can certainly bring a casino down if its design is unprofessional) as well as its navigation. We tested how easy it was to find certain services or navigate to specific pages, making sure to keep a keen eye on how efficient the experience was.

Of course, no sportsbook evaluation would be complete without looking at sports selection. While different people are going to want to wager on different sports, in general, the more options a sportsbook has, the better. We made sure to check whether or not the platform had a good variety of sports so you’d have plenty of options at your disposal. If a sportsbook didn’t offer ample choice or allow their users to continuously bet on new and upcoming events, it probably didn’t make it very high on our list, if it got on there at all.

Bonuses and promotions were another crucial consideration. Promotions can spice up the sports betting experience and make everything more exciting, not to mention save users a ton of cash when used smartly. We made sure to look out for sportsbooks that routinely offered enticing promotions that had fair requirements.

Last but not least, we prioritised sportsbooks with excellent customer support. In fact, if a sportsbook had poor customer support, it was not included on our list. Many people underestimate the true value of customer support, but it can make a world of difference if you ever run into any issues. It’s also just nice to know that the sportsbook has got your back.

How To Choose a Safe Betting Site

You now know the safest betting sites in the industry, but how do you choose between them? This is a great question. Once you have checked a sportsbook has everything we mentioned in the previous section (it’s a lot, we know, but it’s more than worth it to find a great sportsbook), there are then further considerations you need to make to narrow down your options and find a sportsbook that fits you perfectly.

For example, would you like a sportsbook with a certain theme? Are the certain sports or events you want to have access to? Is there a certain payment method you would like to use? All of these questions and more are key to finding a sportsbook that meets your demands and is able to keep you entertained for years to come. Never settle for a sportsbook you aren’t fully sold on.

Why You Should Only Bet On Safe Betting Sites

Just like how knowing the right place to invest in business can have a huge effect on how successful you are financially and have lasting consequences, the same also applies when it comes to sportsbooks.

While you may be tempted to just place bets at any old sportsbook (I mean, it’s just somewhere to place wagers, right?), there are a few disastrous consequences you could be in for if you end up using the wrong establishment.

For one, you could have your personal information stolen. This could lead to scam emails and phone calls, both of which you could fall victim to if you do not know what to look out for. However, the much more severe repercussion is if you get your financial details stolen. You could have money taken out of your bank account, or you could even become a victim of fraud. The potential consequences are far too dire to take the risk.


We hope we have been able to save you some time. It’s no secret that there are bad sportsbooks out there, but a couple of bad ones shouldn’t ruin your view of the industry. There are plenty of safe sportsbooks that prioritise the security of their users, giving bettors ample options to choose from without running the risk of being taken advantage of.

Of course, you are more than welcome to search for a different sportsbook that wasn’t included on our list if you wish. Just make sure you take into consideration everything we have talked about and look out for the tell-tale signs of a sportsbook that doesn’t have your best interests at heart.

Whatever you do, as long as you pick a safe betting site that you love and you gamble responsibly, you can’t go wrong. Have fun!

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